Mummer’s Hall Of Fame & Wench Brigade Banquet

What is a Mummer you ask? I’ve been a part of the Mummer’s Parade for the past 3 years now. (From left to right: 2016 parade, 2017 parade, 2018 parade) This year however, I was also able to attend something even more special than the parade. Leen’s uncle, Ron Weber (who is a very active … Continue reading Mummer’s Hall Of Fame & Wench Brigade Banquet

Thin Blue Farce

While sitting on my flight to Tampa recently, I read a quote in the Southwest magazine. The quote said, “Every person has his or her unique story, and I love that about travel.” Couldn’t agree more! I’ve met a lot of amazing people in my travels and am still great friends with some of them … Continue reading Thin Blue Farce